Dog Services & Policies


STARTING AT $22/walk

A Walking dog is a HAPPY dog!  For some, this is the best part of their day!  Spoil your dog with a regular or dedicated walk.  We walk in rain or snow!!

DISCOUNTED dog walking packages for 2+ recurring walks per week

  • 20 minutes – $22
  • 30 minutes – $25
  • 45 minutes – $30  
  • 60 minutes – $40

ON DEMAND as needed dog walks

  • 20 minutes – $24
  • 30 minutes – $27  
  • 45 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $45

(fee covers up to 2 dogs/$5 for each additional dog)


DISCOUNTED Mid-day Break packages for 2+ recurring visits per week

  • 20 minutes – $22
  • 30 minutes – $25
  • 45 minutes – $30  

ON DEMAND as needed visits

  • 20 minutes – $24
  • 30 minutes – $27  
  • 45 minutes – $35 

(fee covers up to 3 dogs/$5 for each additional dog)

Designed for you pet lovers that work long hours and have a pet that needs to be let out into their yard for a potty break, frisbee, tug of war or just some one-on-one undivided attention.


$60/90 minute adventure

For the pups that have more energy and need more exploring.  We pick up from your home and head out to the place of your choice (local trail, dog park, pet store or just go for a ride) then return home when everyone’s heart is full and legs are tired.  Water bowls and water always provided.  Price includes 1 pet.  Each additional pet is $20



Designed for the out-of-towner. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bedtime visits available.  Each visit Includes: potty break, feeding, watering, litter scooping, playing, short walk, tummy rubs, medication administration and light house sitting.  A minimum of 2 visits per day is required for all dogs in our care.  Safety is our #1!

(fee covers up to 3 pets/$5 for each additional pet)

  • 1 – 30 Minute visit per day: $28
  • 2 – 30 Minute visits per day: $50
  • 3 – 30 Minute visits per day: $75
  • 4 – 30 Minute visits per day: $100
  • 1 Hour Visits: $45

Weekends:  30 Minutes visits: $28


$150/night (includes 1 mid-day visit in addition to all night care) 

Specially designed for senior and special needs pets. 9 hours of overnight care.  (Dinner routine through breakfast routine + 1 mid-day break).  Additional visits can be added.

**We can only offer overnights for smoke free homes


$100/night (2 hour evening visit and 1 hour visit the next morning)

This is perfect for the pets that need the extra time for play, exercise or just some couch cuddles.  The exact arrival and departure times are determined by each client.  (add more visits during the day for an additional charge)


This was created for the new family pet. This service is custom designed to fit your needs. It is intended to teach your new dog a “routine” that fits into your family schedule. We evaluate your needs and custom design a package that works for you


Although not as active as they used to be, we at Pet Pals know that the seniors sometimes need a little extra support.  Whether it be let out a few extra times because they can’t hold it as long anymore or needing some interaction and movement.  We can set some time aside to spend with your senior and design a plan that works for the whole family.  When life is so busy, we can help YOU by coming in while you are at work and be their assistance for the day.  Check in, clean up any accidents, help get up and move a bit and administer any necessary medications or just give a relaxing rub down or meditation session for anxiety.  Senior pets are some of our very FAVORITE at Pet Pals.  Let us help you!


All pet and home services include an initial consultation that will be scheduled prior to services. This is a thorough meeting so a member of our leadership team can collect all of the unique care info on each pet and your home.  This also includes set up within our online system and careful consideration of your care team.


Travel Fee – Free up to 12 visits.

Flat $15 fuel charge if vacation reservation extends beyond 12 visits.


A deposit of 50% is due upon booking a reservation over a holiday.  This deposit is refundable unless cancelled less than 10 days prior to 1st day of services.

Pet Pals observes the following holidays. Any visit on these days will require a one-time flat $15 holiday fee for the day.

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Referrals from regular clients available upon request.


If you’re a Pet Pal client and refer a new client,  you AND the new client will receive $15 off your next service.

Please call for complete pricing information as it depends on the number of pets needing care and the location.