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Job Description & Application

Please read the job description before filling out the form below to apply for a job with Pet Pals LLC.

We at Pet Pals make a promise to all our clients. We promise that we will care for their pets as they would when they are home. We are more than people who just let dogs out to potty and feed cats. We are responsible, reliable, trustworthy and professional pet care givers. We at Pet Pals are bonded, insured and background checked. We call our clients our Pet Pal Family because we truly want to be a part of their extended family and trusted circle. We bring peace of mind to our human clients and a fuller and happier life to their pets through walks, playtime and education. It is important that our team members enjoy their work as a part of our premier pet care company and that we also support each team members goal’s for their own happy life.

Pet Pals gets to work with some of the most amazing pets in the Roanoke Valley. We are open every day of the week and every day of the year. Our first priority is the health and safety of all the pets in our care. We also make sure to bring joy, love and comfort while their families might be away.

At Pet Pals we take our jobs very seriously while not taking ourselves too seriously. We believe in working as a connected team while also working independently on our own care visits. We do our best to be sure that everyone on our team has time to enjoy their favorite things while also being there for our clients when needed. We believe in a work-life balance, we respect your time, and are here to do an exceptional job for our exceptional clients.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has professional or extensive experience with pets such as dogs, cats, dog and cat body language and behavior. We care for all types of pets that are all shapes and sizes.
  • Has impeccable attention to detail. Our work often involves very specific care instructions that vary from family to family.  This is to check your dedication to detail.  Put the word impeccable in your application below so we know you didn’t skip that part.
  • Have a clean driving record, a valid driver’s license and solo access to a reliable vehicle and phone with internet access.
  • Likes to provide great customer service. A huge part of what we do is making clients feel connected to what is going on at home.  An important aspect of this is providing clear and professional communication with good grammar, clear writing and the ability to report the fun you’re having.
  • Can pass an in-depth background check.
  • Has clear, concise and effective communication. Team members need to be able to communicate effectively with other team members, in addition to with our clients.

Why you may NOT want to be a part of the Pet Pals Team:

  • You don’t like changes. Our schedules often change based on changes in our clients’ schedules. Our Team members do have a fairly predictable schedule as they are pretty much set 2 weeks in advance but we do have cancellations, last minute additions and the occasional sick team member.
  • You are looking for more than supplemental income. Based on the fluctuating nature of our work, and based on a your availability, we cannot guarantee a minimum amount of work each week.
  • You are not available to work around the holidays or in the summer. We are our busiest during the major holidays and from May-August. While we do rotate around the holidays to ensure team members can enjoy time off, we require team members to be available and flexible to work during and around the holidays.
  • You do not enjoy working independently. We are looking for people who enjoy working as part of a greater team with support just a phone call away, but can thrive working fully independently day-to-day. Trust and dependability is hugely critical in our work.
  • You don’t like being outside in a variety of weather. Even when it is 25 and blowing snow or 90 with the sun shining, we are out working and visiting pets. They are counting on us to be there for them!
  • You will occasionally have to clean up something disgusting. We deal with poop every day, vomit occasionally, and the odd major mess. Pet ownership is messy and we do what needs to be done to keep them happy and healthy while they are in our care.

We offer:

  • Really awesome clients
  • A work environment that cares about you and your definition of success
  • Starting wage of $14/hr + tips with room to grow
  • Paid training + continuing education opportunities
  • Additional responsibilities for the right applicant
  • Mileage reimbursement

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