Why Hire A Pet Sitter?

Many people rely on a kennel to take care of their pets. Being left at a kennel can be frightening to your little ones.  Fear of abandonment, unfamiliar surroundings, uncomfortable pens, and the absence of favorite toys and blankets can leave your pet feeling out of sorts or worse. Other loud aggressive pets can also be quite stressful for animals. Kennels have office hours, which may be inconvenient to your schedule. We don't only offer services to our travelers, but make regular visits to our clients with demanding jobs that require long working hours. We will visit your home whether you have an after work meeting, a personal appointment or just want to spoil your pet when you're not there. With our service your pets will enjoy being at home, playing with their own toys and will be cheerfully awaiting you when you arrive back at home.

Pet Pals is open every day, all year round. We offer a variety of services while we look after your pet. Every visit includes complete dog walking, pet playtime, companionship, feeding, watering and medication administration per owners request. Litter scooping, kennel cleaning, pet laundry and dish cleaning are done each visit as required to maintain clean, sanitary conditions in your home surroundings so you won't have a mess to return to.

We will even leave you a "pawgress" report to inform you of any accidents, unusual behaviors or even the cute things you missed while you were gone! In addition, we are happy to perform light house-sitting services such as bringing in the mail and paper, watering plants, rotate lights and blinds and taking out the garbage to make your house looked lived in - this is all included!

We also offer status update phone calls to anywhere in the United States to keep you informed regarding your pets well-being! We'll be happy to e-mail you as well.

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