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Summer 2007
Greetings and thanks for reading!

Summer is here!!! It’s summer and nothing makes me happier than a beautiful blue sky and bright shining sun while walking a happy dog! It’s that feeling that is constantly in the air in summer of fun, playfulness, romance that I know most people, including me, enjoy! Summer holds a lot of fun times that I know you take special time to plan such as vacations, party’s and holidays! Of course, nothing could be sweeter in life than those precious innocent 4-legged creatures in your life (or 2-legged). We at Pet Pals know you won’t forget them, but we want to help you in everyway we can to keep them safe and happy while you are busy planning that perfect trip to the beach or being the hostess with the mostess at your summer barbeque!

Space is filling up…….
Don’t procrastinate….call us today to make that very important reservation for all of your pets! We at Pet Pals have 4 wonderful pet sitters, but we can only be so many places at once. This is our peak season and everyone wants to wait until the last minute to call and unfortunately, we aren’t always available. We always appreciate an advance notice on your travel plans and reservations for the family pets!

It’s HOT!!!! (which means special care for your pet)
Walking your dog in the summer
Yes, you can keep walking your dog(s) during the summer, but it’s generally accepted that you should only walk your dog in the early morning or later afternoon. Not only is the temperature too high in the middle of the day, but the sidewalks will be too hot for the dog’s paws. We as humans alter the amount of clothing worn and we sweat more. Dogs are walking in their winter coat or a slightly lighter version and cool themselves by panting and a small amount of sweating through the foot pads. If you or a Pet Pal walks your dog in the middle of the day, it should be a more shaded walk and limited to 10-15 minutes. Consider bringing some water along and making frequent water breaks for the pooch. You don’t have to stop your daily walks – we all know that a walking dog is a happy dog.

Dogs and heat exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is common in dogs and it can happen in your own backyard or on a walk. Dogs cool themselves by panting and if panting does not reduce the body temperature, the dog will develop heat stroke. Early signs of heat exhaustion include rapid breathing, heavy panting and salivation. Other signs are fatigue, muscle tremors and staggering. If you see a dog that is experiencing heat exhaustion, take the dog to a cool, shady place, and apply wet towels or cloths to help cool the dogs body down. Try to give the dog small amounts of water and contact your local vet immediately.

Bringing the pets along
Most people are aware that leaving a pet in a parked car on a 100F day would be dangerous; however it’s the seemingly mild days of spring and fall that pose great danger, too. Driving around, parking and leaving your pet in a parked car for “just a minute” can be deadly. Cars heat up fast even with the windows cracked. On a summers day of only 85F, for example, even keeping the windows open won’t keep the inside temperature from climbing to 102F in 10 minutes. A dog whose body temperature rises to 107-108F will within a very short time suffer irreparable brain damage or even death.

Cool pets
There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool drink on a hot day. Your pet feels the same way. On a really hot and humid day toss a few ice cubes in their water bowl. If you have outside pets, add a frozen water bottle to keep the water cool a little longer. Don’t forget to change out the water daily to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

Plant a garden for you cat!
If you enjoy gardening, plant a small garden just for you cat with cat-safe herbs and flowers. Of course, an outdoor enclosure would be ideal, but any corner of the yard will do as long as you supervise your cat while he enjoys his own garden. They LOVE to roll in a fresh bed of catnip.

Hairballs are a source of discomfort, or worse for cats and they are particularly bad in the summer, when cats tend to shed more. Give your cat hairball relief this summer. Hairballs are formed when a cat grooms itself and swallows hairs. Since hairs are not easily digested, it can compact with undigested food in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Impactions are serious business and sometimes must be removed surgically. In lesser cases they can cause painful constipation, something no concerned caregiver wants to wish on her cat. The number one way to prevent hairballs is BRUSHING! Other ways of preventing or aiding hairball relief are feeing “slippery” substances that will help the passages of hair and digestive waste down the intestinal tract.

The female bites are twice as numerous as male bites. (Moody perhaps?)
The Beatles song Martha My Dear was written by Paul McCartney about his sheepdog Martha.
The canine nose works one million times more efficiently then the human nose. (My food!)
The average dog has 42 permanent teeth. (smile!)

Summer Pet Pic…..
This is Bogey, a female Border Collie. She’s a ball of energy, but the sweetest and most loyal girl! Her famous trick is giving hugs. Her owner trained her to give hugs when asked. She won’t let go until you hug her back….awww! She’s got so much energy that she can’t possibly sit down and enjoy this bone, so she’ll just hold it. Thanks Bogey for the great pose!!!

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Enjoy the hot weather and WITH your pets, but be sure to take those extra steps to secure a safe and healthy environment for them this summer! We hope to see your pets before fall, but if not – have a safe, fun and memorable summer!!!!

From one pet lover to another,

Jessica R. Mather
Owner and Professional Pet Lover

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