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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Jessica and I am the proud owner and operator of Pet Pals. I actually grew up in Texas and followed my boyfriend of 5 years here! We moved here in 2003 due to his job change. Roanoke is a beautiful place and we love it.  We hope to spend a long and rewarding time here.

Soon after we moved, Pet Pals was born. After managing different offices over the years I decided that if I was going to work this hard I wanted it to be for myself. I've always loved animals and as a child my mother always told me that I was going to be a veterinarian. We had several animals over the years in which I grew very attached to.

I went off to college like all good kids do and attended Southwest Texas State University which is now known as Texas State University. I started studying Nursing then went into business; I obviously had a hard time finding my real passion, but little did I know I'd find it on my own.

After college I couldn't wait to get out on my feet so I could get my own dog. Lilly - the black shepherd mix above was my "first born" as I tell it. My first dog that I adopted from the Cincinnati SPCA. She is my angel and the apple of her daddy's eye! She really can't do anything wrong!! I adopted her in August of 2000 at 7 months. Even though she's no longer a puppy she still acts like one! Dixie Belle, the beagle above, came along in 2004. She belonged to a client of mine who couldn't care for her anymore so after falling head-over-heels, I had to take ownership. She's our little squirt!!! The girls are best friends and love each other. They spend most of their time hunting for squirrels or Lilly lies in the sun and Dixie barks at everything and anything.

In August of 2006 we got married here in Roanoke at the Raleigh Court United Methodist Church. Family and friends came to celebrate the occasion in a city we’ve fallen in love with.

In March 2009 we welcomed our first "human baby" Isabella into our lives. She was born at Lewis Gale Hospital and our lives haven't been the same since! I never knew how sweet life as a mommy would be!

In April of 2012 we welcomed our son Lennon into our world. If I thought being a mom of one was busy... I had another thing coming. He is a total joy and has made our family complete.

In February 2013 we celebrated 10 YEARS in business and have all our wonderful clients to thank for that. We are still going strong and constantly working to improve and make this the best pet sitting company that Roanoke has to offer.

Thanks for your interest and taking a little time to read about me.

Jessica R. Mather

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